The varieties of games at Bitstarz or what is the main reason for visiting the BitStarz website?

The gambling service for cash machines has assembled a large number of venders on its menu list. Each member can wager actual money in coins in Ukraine or in Russia, USA or Germany. Visiting the club is safe, and high rollers can play slots safely without worrying about being involved in fake competitions. Casino tournaments regularly take place at BitStarz and there are usually a lot of participants during the tournament. In the public domain, memebers share their opinions regarding the quests as well as the different vender machines at BitStarz casino.

Amazing slot machines at BitStarz

It is not always possible for participants to track down a lucrative promotion. Additionally, in tournaments, there is a premium cashback bonus as well as a no deposit and up to about 40 freespins. Of course, from time to time, season to season, the gaming service changes the conditions. For instance, the institution itself has the possibility to view new and informative news that is added just before the start of the competition, or at the beginning of the gambling season. Few people know, but the competition schedule is directly proportional to the time of year. That’s why the service offers various rewards and super-bonuses based on the time of year. The virtual vendors have a light template, and the overall interface has collected a lot of options:

– bonus points;

– Premium status;

– destination selection;

Gamers in general don’t think about the fact that the club provides them with reward points, and systematically gives 50 bonuses each.

The Bitstarz service has in fact become a trend in 2020. The fact is that people want to gamble, but not everyone has the option to bet $. Those who are well up on btc – today have a great option to dispose of $ without any problems.

The BitStarz Gaming Portal and its distinctive features

If you are interested in playing for bitcoins and using crypto, you would do well to try your luck at BitStarz. The gaming establishment offers approximately 25 on-demand freespins in informative games. In addition, if there is an opportunity to use 220 FS, the member will be given another 100% deposit bonus. It is very convenient to bet in crypto.

So what games should you play at digital casino?

– Cleopatra;

– Jackpot Crown;

– Fruit Shop;

More mega interesting games are provided for those gamers who take advantage of promotions. Among the mega sought after and hyped up digital promotions in the platform are:

– welcome bonuses;

– Tesla raffle;

– Gonzo summer treasures;

– summer wars with the acquisition of VIP status;

What makes the online resource different from the rest? The resource offers to bet $100 and play for $200 at once, in addition, participants have +190 FS available on top. The deposit amount can be specified in the online casino using the standard payment window. After logging in to the online casino, participants have the option to choose their bonus of choice:

– 100% bonus up to $50 + 180 FS;

– 125% bonus up to $500 + 200 FS;

The important thing is that the participant can instantly and not choose a bonus. The choice of bonus can be made at a later date. In this case, it is recommended to specify the amount of the deposit immediately and make a bet taking into account the bonus.

Go to venders online playground BitStarz for money

The online casino is not only famous for its roulette and bingo games, but also for its secondary card games. Despite the different card games, more than 85 percent of players choose video slots as a rule. As the online portal steps into the digital age, the digital service offers support in Japanese, Portuguese and Chinese. In addition, the resource opens in many countries: The Netherlands, New Caledonia and others. Mega slots from providers PlayTech, NetEnt and PlaySon are among the powerful machines in demand.

Fastnacht vorbei


Nachdem wir eine wirklich tolle Fastnacht-Saison gestern nach zahlreichen Auftritten und sehr viel Spaß beendet haben, ist nun endlich etwas Zeit, unsere Website mal auf einen aktuellen Stand zu bringen.

Heute haben wir für Euch mal einige Momente in Bild festgehalten, die Ihr in unserer schon neuen Galerie finden könnt .

Hier gehts lang…


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Neue Verstärkung am Bass

Schon bei unserem letzten Auftritt in diesem Jahr wird ‚DeeJay‘ (alias Daniel Janssen) uns am Bass zur ‚Saite‘ stehen. Wie alle anderen Bandmitglieder hat er sein Handwerk von der Pike auf gelernt. Bereits mit 4 Jahren durfte er damals die Schlägel schwingen und ist dann von der klassischen Musikausbildung später von der Trompete auf den Bass gewechselt, welchen er nun schon über 25 Jahre bearbeitet…

Neues Layout

Wie sicherlich aufgefallen ist, hat unsere Website zum Ende des Jahres nochmal einen neuen Anstrich erhalten. Der Zahn der Zeit hat an unserem alten Online-Auftritt genagt, daher mußte der Malermeister einmal gründlich den Pinsel schwingen.

Wir hoffen, dadurch unser Angebot somit noch übersichtlicher und im Bild der Zeit darstellen zu können.

Es wird sich hier in den nächsten Wochen und Monaten noch so einiges tun, daher lohnt es sich garantiert hier hin und wieder mal vorbei zu klicken 😉

Viel Spaß wünscht die Besatzung der Jet-Band